"I remember meeting you in 1987"

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12 Monkeys Tv Show Trailer
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Summer Heights High (2007) - S01E05
I remember the meeting. Do you remember that meeting?
Overboard (1987)
- You remember... - I was in the armed forces?
Ishtar (1987)
However, I see no difficulty in meeting your timetable.
Overboard (1987)
Billy, remember in high school how you faked our I.D. S? I need a fake bride.
Ishtar (1987)
Chuck, I know how bad you feel, but there's people in this world worse off than you. Oh, my God, Rabbi Pierce is here. Charles, you remember Rabbi Pie...
Pulp Fiction
Now, do you remember when I told you your daddy died in a P.O.W. camp?
Skid Row - I Remember You
Time after time, you were there for me.
Skid Row - I Remember You
Love letters in the sand, I remember you.
A Bug's Life (1998)
You can't! I mean, they are in the middle of a top secret meeting right now...
Skid Row - I Remember You
I paint a picture of the days gone by
Pretty in Pink (1986)
Nice meeting you.
Skid Row - I Remember You
Remember yesterday, walking hand in hand.
War Room (2015)
Yeah. I knew you were at work, probably in a meeting.
Platoon (1986)
Taylor, I remember when you first came in here
Metropolitan (1990)
- Oh. Also, you remember, in case I die - - Yes.
Ishtar (1987)
Who told you that? I can't remember.
Skid Row - I Remember You
I'd live for your smile, and die for your kiss.
The Godfather: Part II (1974)
I remember you talking about Hitler back in '33.
Skid Row - I Remember You
Remember yesterday, walking hand in hand.
Skid Row - I Remember You
I swear you'll never be lonely.