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Wouldn't want to expend mental energy on mundane tasks like laundry,
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Wouldn't want to expend mental energy on mundane tasks like laundry,
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2.5 secs
Farscape (1999) - S02E11 Sci-Fi
To think of all the energy Scorpius expended on you.
1.9 secs
Seinfeld (1989) - S09E09 The Apology
You know how much mental energy I expend...
2.1 secs
The Expendables 3 Trailer
Want to slip on a dress and give it a shot?
2.9 secs
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015) - S02E02 Kimmy Goes on a Playdate!
and all that wasted mental energy has to go somewhere.
1.1 secs
Nathan for You (2013) - S03E03 Reality-TV
- I wanted to stay on task,
2.3 secs
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015) - S02E08 Kimmy Goes to a Hotel!
like the twins on laundry day.
2.7 secs
Dawson's Creek (1998) - S02E07 The All-Nighter
There's no way I can expend energy rounding up the both of you. Now, come on!
1.8 secs
Devious Maids (2013) - S01E05 Drama
Would you like me to start on the laundry?
3.8 secs
Ocean's Eleven (2001) Crime
First task: Reconnaissance. I want to know what goes on ...
5.8 secs
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) - S06E22 Drama
You're expending way too much of your mystical energies to maintain your powers.
1.7 secs
Please Like Me (2013) - S02E04 Gang Keow Wan
Tom, do you want to go to a mental choir?
1.8 secs
Madam Secretary (2014) - S02E07 You Say You Want a Revolution
how much political capital you want to expend.
2.5 secs
Spotlight (2015)
- Hey I want to expend the investigation. - Why?
1.8 secs
Please Like Me (2013) - S02E08 Truffled Mac and Cheese
No, she wouldn't understand mental illness,
1.8 secs
Freaky Friday (1976)
I want you to finish this laundry
2.8 secs
Apocalypse Now (1979)
He'd like you to hang your laundry up indoors instead of on the windowsills.
3.5 secs
Peep Show (2003) - S01E02 The Interview
'You wouldn't ask the Chemical Brothers to do your laundry. '
4.6 secs
The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear (1991)
It's like sex, a painstaking task that seems to go on and on forever,
3.2 secs
Batman (1989) Thriller
I just wouldn't want to go on.
3.7 secs
Barbershop 2: Back in Business (2004)
You ain't supposed to air our dirty laundry like that. We on TV.
4.1 secs
House (2004) - S01E14 Mystery
This is much more mundane. A billionaire wants to get laid.
1.8 secs
The Last Man on Earth (2015) - S03E01 Romance
Well, I like Lewis's energy.
4 secs
Please Like Me (2013) - S01E03 Portuguese Custard Tarts
- Oh, I wouldn't want to interlude. - Intrude.
1.9 secs
Please Like Me (2013) - S02E04 Gang Keow Wan
I didn't want to make us late for the mental choir.
2.7 secs
Sons of Anarchy (2008) - S03E09 Crime
Who put you to task on Lumpy?
2.3 secs
The Cabin in the Woods (2011)
Come on, like you wouldn't want a piece of that.
1.4 secs
The Vampire Diaries (2009) - S08E08
You're supposed to be on task.