"Plug in. He should be able to interpret the entire imperial network."

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Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)
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Murder in the First (2014) - S02E12
He wouldn't be able to.
The Hurricane (1999)
You will not be able to plug in turn on and drop out
The Hangover (2009)
In a healthy relationship, a guy should be able to do what he wants.
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)
he might be able to play back the entire recording.
The Gods Must Be Crazy (1981)
They say all he can speak is Xixo, so they want me to interpret.
The Flash (2014) - S01E15
Will he be able to return to the force?
Over the Top (1987)
I should be able to blow them away real easy.
The Social Network (2010)
"...won't be able to do Saturday, as I have to meet up with my parents."
The Social Network (2010)
And then he went on to his second business venture,
The Gods Must Be Crazy (1981)
Mpudi found it difficult to interpret because, in his language...
The Social Network (2010)
Hey, can I ask, what part of the intern's job will they need to be able to do drunk?
The Blind Side (2009)
You should be able to relate to that.
The Birdcage (1996)
This should go to the network.
The Last Dragon (1985)
the beauty he would be able to create would be without bounds.
He Got Game (1998)
my mother, she won't be able to attend my graduation...
The Graduate (1967)
- He should be checking in any moment. - Listen to me.
Sex and the City (2008)
...then I should be able to stay in this relationship for him.
The Social Network (2010)
Must be nice. He made $300,000 in a summer?
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990) - S01E06
Besides, at your age, you should be able to...
Men in Black (1997)
...how was he able to walk back in the house?"