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–What do you mean? –Check it out.
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–What do you mean? –Check it out.
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South Park (1997) - S14E01 Comedy
- What are you doing? - Check it out.
1.1 secs
Broad City (2014) - S02E09 Coat Check
What do you mean?
2.1 secs
Perfect Strangers (1986) - S01E05 Check This
What do you mean, you can't? It's simple.
2.8 secs
Seinfeld (1993) - S05E09 The Masseuse
- What are you doing? - Just checking it out.
3.6 secs
James Bond: Thunderball (1965)
- What do you mean, gone? - She's checked out of the hotel.
3 secs
Summer Heights High (2007) - S01E01
to just check out all the bogans and stuff, do you know what I mean?
1.8 secs
Straight Outta Compton (2015)
- Check me out. - What you doing, E?
2.2 secs
Inside Out (2015)
- What do you mean it's stuck? - Now what?
1.2 secs
She's Out of My League (2010)
What do you mean?
2.4 secs
Johnny Mnemonic (1995)
What do you mean out?
1.1 secs
Suits (2011) - S06E04 Drama
What do you mean "out"?
2.3 secs
Homeland (2011) - S06E10 Mystery
- What do you mean? - Well, it turns out it wasn't
1.1 secs
La La Land (2016)
Do you wanna check it out?
2.5 secs
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993) - S02E02 Adventure
- Check it out. - What?
1.3 secs
Community (2009) - S01E09 Debate 109
- What? - Check it out.
3.5 secs
Fear of a Black Hat (1994)
Hats? What do you mean? Did you check the truck?
1.5 secs
Raising Arizona (1987)
What do you mean it didn't work out?
3.6 secs
Annie Hall (1977)
What do you mean? It's perfectly fine out here.
2.6 secs
Just Go with It (2011)
The opposite of freaked out? What do you mean? Good?
3.2 secs
A Time to Kill (1996)
-That check bounced. -What do you mean, bounced?
0.9 secs
Daria (1997) - S02E13 Write Where It Hurts
What do you mean?
3.8 secs
Stir Crazy (1980)
-Check it out. -You check it out.
1.1 secs
The IT Crowd (2006) - S02E04 The Dinner Party
What do you mean?
1.6 secs
The IT Crowd (2006) - S04E02 The Final Countdown
What do you mean?
1.1 secs
The IT Crowd (2006) - S02E05 Smoke and Mirrors
What do you mean?
0.9 secs
The IT Crowd (2006) - S03E02 Are We Not Men?
What do you mean?
1.1 secs
Fresh Off the Boat (2015) - S02E17 Doing It Right
What do you mean?