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Fresh off the loom. YARN STORIES.

Tell a story

Tell a story by stitching your favorite YARNs together. Maybe string a few clips from the same show together. Be the next Scorsese: amuse your friends with your clever mashup. Arrange clips across shows, movies or music videos. Watch our example, maestro.

Start with one clip

It only takes one clip to start. Find a YARN. Click the HAND icon under a clip to start your story. Think of it like dropping clips into a tote bag. Gather at least two to make a story, so search for another YARN and click on its hand icon to put it into your collection. Easy, huh? Here's two sample clips you could try.

Clip 1: Here. Try this.

Clip 2: You talkin' to me?

Rearrange the order

Rearrange your masterpiece in whatever way suits you. In this collection view, use the arrows on the clips to move them forward or backward in the story. The X icon lets you remove a clip you don't. Fiddle to your heart's content to more finely craft your story. You are the puppeteer, make them dance!

Move clips around


Share with friends

Shout it from on high! Tell your gramma! It's time to share it with friends. The easiest way to share anything anywhere is by its link. Just copy the URL from your browser. That's about all it takes, and you're off to the races. When you share it in Twitter, it also will play automatically inline. We're working on inline-playing for sites like Facebook.

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