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Magnolia (1999) (2487) 200 Cigarettes (1999)(2416) Summer of Sam (1999)(2265) Baywatch (2017) Comedy(2185) Any Given Sunday (1999)(2071) The Green Mile (1999)(1987) Wag the Dog (1997) Comedy(1942) Dogma (1999)(1918) Keeping Up with the Joneses (2016) Comedy(1856) Fight Club (1999)(1804) The Talented Mr Ripley (1999)(1777) The Hurricane (1999)(1757) Election (1999)(1722) Man on the Moon (1999)(1719) Patch Adams (1998) Comedy(1706) The Insider (1999) (1700) Sideways (2004) Comedy(1698) Notting Hill (1999)(1690) Johnny Tsunami (1999) Family(1677) Never Been Kissed (1999)(1625)
Jerry Seinfeld(189) Jake Lloyd(132) Jason Alexander(112) Julia Louis-Dreyfus(27) Pernilla August(27) Natalie Portman(26) Ewan McGregor(18) Samuel L. Jackson(16) Liam Neeson(13) Oliver Ford Davies(8) Michael Richards(8) Hugh Quarshie(7) Steve Carell(5) Terence Stamp(2) Samaire Armstrong(2) Keira Knightley(1) Jenna Fischer(1) Matt LeBlanc(1) Gina Gallego(1) Barney Martin(1)
Jerry Seinfeld(185) Anakin Skywalker(132) George Costanza(109) Shmi Skywalker(27) Queen Amidala(26) Elaine Benes(24) Obi-Wan Kenobi(18) Mace Windu(16) Qui-Gon Jinn(13) Sio Bibble(8) Captain Panaka(7) Cosmo Kramer(7) Michael Scott(5) Anna Stern(2) Chancellor Valorum(2) Pam Beesly(1) Summer Roberts(1) Morty(1) Elaine Benes(1) Jerry Seinfeld(1)
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