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Ralph Breaks the Internet(2207) Changeling (2008)(2121) Bad Moms (2016) (2072) Pineapple Express (2008)(2058) Role Models (2008) (1975) What Happens in Vegas (2008)(1946) Bad Boys II(1912) Sex Drive (2008) (1909) Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)(1878) Bad Boys(1845) Sex and the City (2008)(1831) Batman: The Dark Knight (2008)(1824) The Express (2008)(1818) The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)(1799) Baby Mama (2008) (1790) Tropic Thunder (2008)(1781) Semi-Pro (2008)(1773) Twilight (2008)(1747) Milk (2008)(1703) Step Brothers (2008) (1702)
Mischa Barton(1746) Samaire Armstrong(1055) Rachel Bilson(926) Emilia Clarke(782) Ryan Reynolds(516) Ashton Kutcher(407) Peter Dinklage(368) David Schwimmer(226) Jerry Seinfeld(220) Steve Carell(219) Charles Dance(194) Ashley Benson(194) Kit Harington(190) Richard Madden(171) Rainn Wilson(168) Lisa Kudrow(164) Maisie Williams(159) Liam Cunningham(150) Iain Glen(150) Michelle Fairley(146)
Marissa Cooper(1585) Daenerys Targaryen(751) Anna Stern(733) Summer Roberts(679) Will Hayes(510) Jack Fuller(394) Tyrion Lannister(366) Anna Stern(322) Summer Roberts(247) Michael Scott(219) Jon Snow(190) Dwight Schrute(168) Tywin Lannister(167) Marissa Cooper(159) Arya Stark(159) Robb Stark(151) Jorah Mormont(150) Hanna Marin(138) Catelyn Stark(136) Jim Halpert(134)
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