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No thickness of enamel could conceal value from his eyes.
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No thickness of enamel could conceal value from his eyes.
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3.8 secs
The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988)
anyone who manages to conceal his identity as an assassin.
2.9 secs
Planet Earth (2006) - S01E01 From Pole to Pole
and there's no concealing vegetation.
1.6 secs
South Park (1997) - S14E05 Comedy
No, you could still see his eyes.
1.8 secs
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)
How thick could you get?
2.8 secs
Seinfeld (1993) - S08E14 The Van Buren Boys
-No, I mean a real thick beard. -His was thick.
2.4 secs
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)
by concealing them inside his wheelchair.
2.7 secs
Prince of Persia The Sands of Time (2010)
and no eye on his throne.
5.3 secs
The Hole (2001)
Frances was bulimic. We know that from the lack of enamel on her teeth.
5.1 secs
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
Concealed within his fortress, the Lord of Mordor sees all.
5 secs
This Is Us (2016) - S01E02 Drama
could literally no longer see things through his eyes.
1.3 secs
The Spirit of the Beehive (1973)
His eyes.
1.3 secs
Eyes Wide Shut (1999)
No, I'm an old friend of his.
3.1 secs
Addams Family Values (1993)
At his request, I would rip out my eyes.
3.7 secs
Breaking Bad (2008) - S01E05
We could really benefit from a new set of eyes.
2.8 secs
Travelers (2016) - S01E05 Room 101
is of almost no value.
3.8 secs
El Mariachi (1992)
Nothing of value. No money.
4.3 secs
The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)
From the summit of Barad-dur, his Eye watches ceaselessly.
1.8 secs
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) - S05E01 Drama
No. His eyes were...
1.5 secs
Southpaw (2015)
No, no, no. His eye.
3.3 secs
Braveheart (1995)
with fireballs from his eyes and bolts of lightning from his arse.
2.5 secs
Secretariat (2010)
At the current value of his estate,
2.5 secs
American Dad! (2005) - S08E11 Comedy
Had no idea his accent was gonna be so thick.
2.4 secs
Will & Grace (1998) - S01E16 Yours, Mine Or Ours
Okay. Who could say no to the Eye of Shame?
2.8 secs
The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! (1988)
acres of them, as far as the eye could see.
3.1 secs
The Secret of Kells (2009)
LEONARDO: No, not because of his third eye,
2.5 secs
Addams Family Values (1993)
Let me hear this from his own lips.
4.2 secs
Hail, Caesar! (2016)
But in his eyes, I saw no shadow of reproach.