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"Let's see. Where am I seated?"

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Muppets Most Wanted
#{# #}
3 secs
St. Elmo's Fire (1985)
- What am I doing wrong here? - Let me see.
1.3 secs
Jack the Giant Slayer (2013)
Let's see where I put that.
1.4 secs
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990) - S04E24
Let's see, where do I begin?
2.1 secs
South Park (1997) - S09E11
Let's see, where was I? Oh yes!
2.3 secs
Concussion (2015)
Okay, I see him. Just passing me. Where am I?
2.3 secs
I Am Here Trailer
No one knows where you are.
2.4 secs
South Park (1997) - S10E08
- So where to now? - See where I am? It's this way.
2.8 secs
Psycho (1960)
Let them see what kind of a person I am.
2.3 secs
I Am Here Trailer
You were dead for two minutes.
3.8 secs
How I Met Your Mother (2005) - S01E03
- Keep your hands where I can see them. - Barney, I am going to kill you.
2 secs
The Maltese Falcon
I'm afraid to let him know where I am.
2.2 secs
Spy (2015)
You can't let anybody see how sore I am.
5 secs
Julius Caesar (1953)
Let me see, let me see. Is not the leaf turned down where I left reading?
2.6 secs
Rocky (1976)
I wanna let my brother know where I am.
2.2 secs
Blade Runner
I'll let them know where I am tomorrow.
3 secs
12 Angry Men (1957)
- I think we know that. - Yeah, let's see who's where.
2 secs
Pee-wees Big Holiday (2016)
Look where I am.
2.8 secs
Orange Is the New Black (2013) - S01E08
Let's see how good I am a week from now.
2 secs
Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee S01E09 I Want Sandwiches, I Want Chicken.mp4
Let me see the room where you guys watch TV.
3.5 secs
Get Hard (2015)
You see, I didn't get to where I am today by asking for handouts.