xXx Return of Xander Cage Jan 20

"My skating... Would you come Saturday?"

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Clueless (1995)
#{# #}
1.7 secs
The Princess Diaries (2001)
would you come on my cable show Saturday night?
3.7 secs
Revenge of the Nerds (1984)
Well, we're having a party Saturday night. Would you like to come?
1.5 secs
Timeless (2016) - S01E02 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
but would you come as my guest?
3.9 secs
The Color of Money (1986)
but would you come outside and look at my car?
2.5 secs
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)
Would you tell my daddy to come out here, please?
3.7 secs
Garden State (2004)
Andrew, would you like to see Sam's ice-skating tape?
2.4 secs
Freaky Friday (1976)
Tomorrow's Saturday. You ice-skate, right?
2.5 secs
Saturday Night Fever (1977)
Look, would you mind just going away, okay?
3.3 secs
I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009)
If you didn't think it was sweet, why would you come to my house?
1.2 secs
Orange Is the New Black (2013) - S01E01
Tell my mother to come on Saturday,
1.9 secs
Saturday Night Fever (1977)
What are you doing? Come on. Be cool, everybody.
3.4 secs
Saturday Night Fever (1977)
My pa goes to work, gets dumped on. He comes home, dumps on my mother.
2.9 secs
Celebrity Jeopardy: Stewart, Reynolds and Connery | Saturday Night Live
Good night, my-- would you get that off me!?!?
2.9 secs
Saturday Night Fever (1977)
Fuck you, Manhattan! Come to Brooklyn!
2.8 secs
Person of Interest (2011) - S05E12
Harold, I knew you would come, my friend.
2.5 secs
Saturday Night Fever (1977)
practicing my act on you.
3.4 secs
Saturday Night Fever (1977)
All right. Listen. Would you just tell me what's wrong?
2.6 secs
Saturday Night Fever (1977)
- Come on. You had enough. - Come on. I like it. They're good.
1.9 secs
Saturday Night Fever (1977)
- Would you wait a minute? - Goddamn it. Good is good.
3.1 secs
Matilda (1996)
Matilda, would you like to come over to my house this afternoon?