xXx Return of Xander Cage Jan 20

"I never took the smile away from anybody's face"

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Big Country - In A Big Country
#{# #}
3.2 secs
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971)
I never saw anybody with an orange face before.
1.6 secs
Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain (Official Video)
Happy face nigga never seen me smile
3.7 secs
The Ranch (2016) - S01E02 Some People Change
What gave it away? The smile on my face?
1.5 secs
Cypress Hill - Insane In The Brain (Official Video)
Happy face nigga never seen me smile
2.1 secs
Face/Off (1997)
I took it from my fake husband.
2.8 secs
Apollo 13 (1995)
away from the face of the earth...
4 secs
Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind
I never took the time
4.3 secs
James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
I took 100 million francs from the French to keep the stories running for a year.
5 secs
Blast from the Past (1999)
I just smile, slap him on the knee, and look out the window.
3.5 secs
Kung Pow: Enter the Fist (2002)
He took everything from me... a family I never knew.
3 secs
Stranger Things (2016) - S01E08 Chapter Eight: The Upside Down
You took my boy away from me!
2.8 secs
Back to the Future (1985)
I never let anybody read my stories.
2.4 secs
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)
...that I have her face and her smile...
12.1 secs
The Grinder (2015) - S01E01
when injured on Madison the part just smile CSE working this is absurd I never threw away any check you
2.3 secs
BeyoncΓ© - Best Thing I Never Had
It's time to face the facts
1.8 secs
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)
The negotiations never took place.
3.1 secs
The Contender (2000)
and I had never been away from home, not really.
3.7 secs
Seinfeld (1989) - S08E20 The Millennium
-But I never-- -You just stay away from that phone.
3.5 secs
The Muppets
# I can't seem to wipe this smile off my face
2.4 secs
The Toxic Avenger (1985)
He's never hurt anybody!