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It's a Boy Girl Thing (2006)
1.8 secs
It's a Boy Girl Thing (2006)
2.5 secs
30 Rock (2006) - S07E01 The Beginning of the End
Beyoncé, J. Lo, Natalie Portman,
1.3 secs
Be Cool (2005)
Then take, like, J-Lo.
1.4 secs
The Office (2005) - S05E24 Casual Friday
You look like J-Lo.
2.3 secs
It's a Boy Girl Thing (2006)
I know who J-Lo is now.
2.9 secs
It's a Boy Girl Thing (2006)
The thing about J-Lo is that...
1.8 secs
It's a Boy Girl Thing (2006)
- J-Lo? - You know, Jennifer Lopez?
2 secs
Da Ali G Show (2000) - S01E01 Reality-TV
Cos I has seen a picture of J-Lo
3.7 secs
The Campaign (2012)
-l love you, J. Lo. Camouflage. MAN: Get them, Camo!
4 secs
Prince Royce - Back It Up (Official Video) ft. Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull
Prince Royce, Mr. Worldwide, J Lo, that's right
2.3 secs
Tee Grizzley - First Day Out (Official Music Video)
My nigga Fenkell, J Money, Brightmo Lo, Project Joe
2.1 secs
White Chicks (2004)
and I told her to make me look like J-Lo.
4.3 secs
Fuller House (2016) - S01E05 Mad Max
to use up that bottle of J-Lo perfume your grandma got you for Christmas.
3.7 secs
It's a Boy Girl Thing (2006)
What is your problem? I happen to like J-Lo! She's a hot booty!
2.4 secs
Pitbull - Culo (feat. Lil Jon)
Mami got the ass and thighs like Trina and J. Lo
3.3 secs
White Chicks (2004)
That's insane. You did all that just to find J-Lo and Ben's hideaway?
4.2 secs
It's a Boy Girl Thing (2006)
But she's still J-Lo from the block. And I think that's pretty damn great.
2.8 secs
J Balvin - Yo Te Lo Dije
Yo soy J Balvin y el resto tú lo sabes
3.3 secs
Orange Is the New Black (2013) - S03E13
and now he's rich and got to stick it to J. Lo even though he's pocket-size.
2.8 secs
J Balvin, Farruko - 6 AM ft. Farruko
J Balvin me estaba hablando y no sabia lo que decía
11.1 secs
Justin Bieber - Sorry (Latino Remix / Audio) ft. J Balvin
Yeah, I know-ow-ow that I let you down (lo siento niña, Justin Bieber, J Balvin)
1.7 secs
J Balvin - Bobo
Es bobo lo sé, lo imaginé
3 secs
J. Balvin - Ginza
Enséñame lo que sabes
1 secs
J. Balvin - Ginza
Ahora da lo mismo
1 secs
J Balvin - Yo Te Lo Dije
(Te lo dije
3.5 secs
J Balvin - Tranquila
tiene un doctorado a lo Tony Dize.