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And physical therapy.
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And physical therapy.
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Pure Genius (2016) - S01E11 Touch and Go
and physical therapy.
2.3 secs
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016)
to their doctors, and to physical therapy.
2.5 secs
The Blacklist (2013) - S01E03 Drama
We're gonna eat and then head over to physical therapy.
3.6 secs
Breaking Bad (2008) - S03E09 Drama
And the sooner physical therapy begins, the better his chances are.
1.9 secs
Pure Genius (2016) - S01E05 Fire and Ice
Physical therapy, rehab, talk therapy.
4.3 secs
The Sopranos (1999-2007) S04E10 The Strong, Silent Type
Doctors, rehab, physical therapy.
1.5 secs
The Newsroom (2012) - S01E03 The 112th Congress
- In philosophy? - Physical therapy.
2.2 secs
Pure Genius (2016) - S01E05 Fire and Ice
That's gonna help so much through physical therapy.
2.1 secs
Homeland (2011) - S06E01
You weren't in physical therapy.
2.6 secs
Breaking Bad (2008) - S03E09 Drama
- No. - When does he start physical therapy?
1.9 secs
Seinfeld (1989) - S03E01 The Note
Physical therapy is covered by insurance?
1.9 secs
Breaking Bad (2008) - S03E09 Drama
Physical therapy is just the beginning.
2.9 secs
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016)
Do your physical therapy like everybody else.
1.5 secs
One Day at a Time 2017 (2017) - S01E11 The Straight and Narrow
Immersion therapy.
1.1 secs
The Trip (2010)
And physically.
2.4 secs
UnReal (2015) - S02E04
that you have to leave to do some physical therapy.
3.2 secs
Scorpion (2014) - S01E11 Drama
She's doing her physical therapy here in the north wing.
1.3 secs
This Is Us (2016) - S01E17 Drama
and all that therapy,
2.6 secs
Unbreakable (2000)
followed by nine to 12 months of physical therapy.
3.3 secs
Archer (2009) - S03E09 Animation
...but you were... Where was it? Physical therapy.
6.7 secs
Breaking Bad (2008) - S03E09 Drama
Look, if Hank had more physical therapy with better therapists...
2.7 secs
Devious Maids (2013) - S02E03 Drama
his family physician hasn't insisted on physical therapy.
2.7 secs
Final Destination 5 (2011)
This covers a session for two different physical therapies.
2.2 secs
Shameless (2011) S08E04 Fuck Paying It Forward
live with that conniving physical therapy slut Lakisha,
3.1 secs
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016)
Your hip is better. The physical therapy is working.
3 secs
Homeland (2011) - S06E01
In the physical-therapy room, finishing his shift.
2.5 secs
Observe and Report (2009)
Physically, yes.