"Actually, if we hadn't caught it in time it might have gone to DEFCON 1."

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Gone with the Wind (1939)
If it hadn't been for Scarlett, I'd have died in Atlanta...
North by Northwest (1959)
We might have if you hadn't stumbled into it.
A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014)
Well, we haven't actually done it,
Seinfeld (1993) - S05E18 The Raincoats (1)
We hadn't been alone in a long time. It got the better of me.
Wreck-It Ralph (2012)
But if he can't fix it, it might be time
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972) Sci-Fi
I might have bluffed it through if you hadn't run away.
We Bought a Zoo (2012)
He says it all the time. He won't have anything left to say in this century.
Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)
Gonna have to wait it out.
In Bruges (2008)
It might actually be good for once.
Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)
And they may have a point, actually, if I think about it.
Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)
Actually, the keys were in it.
A Time to Kill (1996)
We might have.
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010)
And would've done it too, if she hadn't taken a fancy to that locket.
A Time to Kill (1996)
We really might have.
Stranger Things (2016) - S01E04 Chapter Four: The Body
Like, um, where it might have gone to, or...
Luke Bryan - Play It Again
If he would have played it just one more time
Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)
Î¥ou might wanna check it out.
Love Actually (2003)
- God, I wish you hadn't have turned it down. - I didn't.
A Time to Kill (1996)
Actually, I'm very much in favor of it.
Seinfeld (1993) - S05E18 The Raincoats (1)
We hadn't been alone together in a long time.