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If you apply that to life...
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If you apply that to life...
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3.2 secs
Big Fish (2003)
So as you can see, if we apply these rules to our everyday life...
2.7 secs
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015) - S1E4 I'm Going on a Date with Josh's Friend!
- Yeah. - That applies to your dating life, too,
1.4 secs
The Boss (2016)
that the rules don't apply to you
1.9 secs
Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)
If I can apply that technology to my inventions,
3.6 secs
Twin Peaks (1992) - S02E17
so it seems that absolutely none of it applies to your life.
2.4 secs
Trapped in Paradise (1994)
Does that apply to me too, Bill? No. I got no beef with you.
4.3 secs
The Americans (2013) - S03E01
If you want to actually experience life,
4.3 secs
The Way of the Gun (2000)
And what, if in that final fleeting second of life, you start to believe in God?
3.7 secs
Trainwreck (2015)
Yeah, they did. Again, I feel that applies more to you.
3.7 secs
The Book of Life (2014)
And if that's too heavy, maybe you can just hand it to Maria.
3.2 secs
Seymour An Introduction (2015)
And when you apply that
2.8 secs
The Boss (2016)
You get points that can apply to your canoe trip.
3.8 secs
Waking Life (2001)
So that's what you do to test if you're dreaming?
2.1 secs
A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014)
that applies to that situation.
3.1 secs
Good Will Hunting (1997)
that the terms "visiting hours" don't apply to you.
3.8 secs
Star Trek (2009)
l see that you have applied to Starfleet as well.
1.3 secs
Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life S01E03 Summer
That is, if you like lollipops.
1 secs
Waste Land (2010)
And that applies to everything.
4.2 secs
Superstar (1999)
What say you take that positive attitude and apply it to-
2.8 secs
Garden State (2004)
If nothing else, that's life, you know.