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Elinor has not your feelings. His reserve suits her.
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Elinor has not your feelings. His reserve suits her.
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Brave (2012)
It's your wife, Elinor.
4.3 secs
Brave (2012)
- It's your wife Elinor! - Maudie, keep this and don't let her out.
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Sense and Sensibility (1995)
Elinor, where is your heart?
3.4 secs
The Bad Lieutenant Port of Call New Orleans (2009)
Maybe your grandson has some feelings of his own.
2.8 secs
Sense and Sensibility (1995)
It is not to be borne, Elinor.
3.9 secs
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
- And so, your reservation has been transferred to... - It's okay.
2.4 secs
Rumor Has It... (2005)
Your mother did not get sick from her wedding vows.
3.2 secs
The Lone Ranger (1956) Western
This time, drive your herd around the reservation, not across.
3.3 secs
The 'burbs (1989)
Sorry, boys. My husband's not feeling well. He has to stay in his room.
3.3 secs
The 'burbs (1989)
Sorry, boys. My husband's not feeling well. He has to stay in his room.
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Twin Peaks (1992) - S02E14
I have two suites reserved.
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Bob's Burgers (2011) - S03E15
That's not your suit.
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Suits (2011) - S06E04 Drama
He has to inform on his roommate.
2.1 secs
Suits (2011) - S06E14 Drama
has nothing to do with his marriage.
1.3 secs
Suits (2011) - S06E01
to prevent her from feeling it, so...
3.8 secs
Suits (2011) - S01E11 Drama
Price has left his estate, ten companies,
1.8 secs
Suits (2011) - S02E04 Drama
has put us directly in his crosshairs.
2.1 secs
Rosewood (2015) - S02E10 Drama
Walt has trouble communicating his feelings.
3.7 secs
Arrested Development (2003) - S01E20 Whistler's Mother
Unfortunately, her stylist hadjust been called up by his reserve unit.
1.5 secs
BoJack Horseman (2014) - S03E05 Comedy
- Reservations? - For your dates.
1.5 secs
Back to the Future Part III (1990)
your reservations all day.
2.3 secs
Seinfeld (1989) - S07E02 The Postponement
...has left her feeling bitter and hostile.
1.4 secs
Reindeer Games (2000)
for your reservation.
1.6 secs
The Blacklist (2013) - S01E20 Drama
when he made his reservation?
2.7 secs
Rush - Tom Sawyer
His reserve, a quiet defense
3.3 secs
As Good as It Gets (1997)
Your father has not been feeling well. I can't hear you!
2.6 secs
Pure Genius (2016) - S01E04 Not Your Grandmother's Robotic Surgery
The tumor has infiltrated vital areas of her brain