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♪ I don't know why you watch that, Bob, she's bored ♪
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♪ I don't know why you watch that, Bob, she's bored ♪
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2.2 secs
Good Will Hunting (1997)
That she's fuckin' boring? You know, I mean, you don't...
1.1 secs
Bob's Burgers - S08E21 Something Old, Something New, Something Bob Caters for You
2.3 secs
Children of Men (2007)
I don't know why she said that.
1.6 secs
Bob's Burgers - S08E13 Cheer Up Sleepy Gene
- Why are you talking like that? - I don't know.
1.6 secs
The Office (2005) - S02E09 E-Mail Surveillance
You know what? Why don't we watch that show
1.9 secs
Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016)
I don't know what she's watching on that iPad.
3.2 secs
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) - S04E03 Drama
- Why? - I don't know. It's fun. I'm bored.
3.9 secs
Watch Free Higher Learning (1995) Watch for Free Romance
- Why are you walking alone? - I don't know.
1.9 secs
Bob's Burgers (2011) - S02E09
Why don't you watch it for me?
2.3 secs
Bob's Burgers (2011) - S04E03 Comedy
I chase bored housewives. Why?
2 secs
Bob's Burgers (2011) - S07E20 Comedy
You know what? I don't want to watch it.
1.7 secs
Bob's Burgers (2011) - S07E04 Comedy
I just don't know why you would
1.5 secs
Bob's Burgers (2011) - S07E13 Comedy
They don't. I don't know why I said that.
1.8 secs
Bob's Burgers (2011) - S03E19 Comedy
Oh, yeah, why don't you watch this?
1.8 secs
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013) - S04E13 Crime
Pilsners are boring. That's why I don't drink them anymore.
2.1 secs
Electric Dreams (1984)
I dont know why you watch that junk...
1.1 secs
Bob's Burgers (2011) - S07E17 Comedy
I don't know why.
1.7 secs
Bob's Burgers (2011) - S06E19 Comedy
I don't know. Why?
2.8 secs
Bob's Burgers (2011) - S06E13 Comedy
No? Damn it! I don't know why I gave you that option.
3.7 secs
Gran Torino (2008)
She likes you, you know? Though I don't know why.
1.8 secs
Bob's Burgers (2011) - S06E11 Comedy
I mean, I don't know why I brought that up.
3.7 secs
This Is Us (2016) - S01E06
I don't know why... why I did that, you know?
2.3 secs
Bob's Burgers (2011) - S07E13 Comedy
Sorry. I don't know why I said that, either.
2.9 secs
Ex Machina (2015)
Well, why would she do that? I don't know.
2.6 secs
Mad Men (2007) - S01E11 Indian Summer
I don't know why you do that.
1.4 secs
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013) - S04E11 Crime
I don't know why you thought that.
2.9 secs
The Spanish Prisoner (1997)
- I don't know. - You don't know why you did that?