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Woman: Hector, wake up!
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Woman: Hector, wake up!
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Hector, wake up. Wake up.
1.8 secs
Hector, wake up, man!
1.6 secs
Wake up, hector, huh?
1.4 secs
Hector, wake up!
3 secs
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015) - S01E09 I'm Going to the Beach with Josh and His Friends!
- Wake up, Hector! - Oh, crap.
2.8 secs
Pretty Woman (1990)
I wake up lonely
1.6 secs
Veep (2012) S06E09 A Woman First
Hey, wake up.
2.2 secs
Pretty Woman (1990)
Wake up. Time to shop.
1 secs
Pump Up the Volume (1990)
Hector Garcia...
2 secs
Lost (2004) - S01E16 Drama
- [woman] Wake up. - [man] Open this door!
1.5 secs
The OA (2016) - S01E03 Champion
You wake up a free woman.
3.9 secs
Scrubs (2001) - S03E13 Drama
I would use Dr Kelso's, but I don't wanna wake up Hector.
2.5 secs
Wonder Woman (2017)
When to eat, sleep, wake up, work.
2.6 secs
Wonder Woman (2017)
And, um, they love to wake up
3.3 secs
Staying Alive (1983)
Waking, waking, waking up
2.8 secs
Wonder Woman (1975) (1975) - S01E01 Adventure
Even if he should wake up,
2.1 secs
A Good Woman (2004)
Every day you wake up and the room is smaller.
3.6 secs
The Other Woman (2014)
Wake up. You're making out with your dog.
2.3 secs
Friends (1994) - S02E04 The One With Phoebe's Husband
...and wake up with a woman next to me.
3 secs
Cocktail (1988)
WOMAN ON TV: Wake up! On your feet, come on!
1.6 secs
Family Guy (1999) - S05E18 Comedy
You know, where the woman wakes up in the hospital,
3 secs
The Simpsons (1989) - S20E16 Comedy
And when you wake up, you will be a woman.
1.2 secs
Turbo (2013)
Wake up! Wake up!
2.4 secs
Gone with the Wind (1939)
Wake up. Wake up!
3.1 secs
Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch
Wake up! Wake up!
2 secs
Short Cuts (1993)
Wake up, wake up.
1.3 secs
Lorax (2012) Family
Wake up! Wake up!