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My job was to recover the sword without embarrassing anyone.
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My job was to recover the sword without embarrassing anyone.
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015) - S02E11 Josh Is the Man of My Dreams, Right?
without actively being embarrassing?
1 secs
Get Him to the Greek (2010)
3.6 secs
Elementary (2012) - S05E13
Connor was too embarrassed to tell anyone.
2.6 secs
The Hurricane (1999)
My job was to...
1.5 secs
Changeling (2008)
It wasn't my intention to embarrass anyone.
1.7 secs
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)
Recover my...
4.2 secs
South Park (1997) - S10E08
But the sword was considered to be too powerful for anyone to possess,
2.7 secs
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)
Recover. At the point of a sword?
3.7 secs
Steve Jobs (2015)
and that was my favorite thing anyone's ever said to me.
3.6 secs
Friends (1994) - S01E10 The One With the Monkey
He was more embarrassed about that than anyone.
2.7 secs
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)
My invitation was open to anyone.
3 secs
Community (2009) - S01E11 The Politics of Human Sexuality
This is really embarrassing. I don't want anyone to know.
2 secs
Arrested Development (2003) - S02E15 The Sword of Destiny
without wanting to kill themselves.
2.4 secs
The Blacklist (2013) - S01E19 Drama
My job was never to hurt you.
2.5 secs
The Last Witch Hunter (2015)
You recovered the weather runes without incident?
3 secs
The Princess Bride
I need you to guide my sword.
2.5 secs
The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)
Then my sword is yours to command.
2.2 secs
My So-Called Life (1994) - S01E05 The Zit
1.5 secs
The Bourne Supremacy (2004)
It was my job.
1.1 secs
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - S03E02 Adventure
You are to recover
3.1 secs
The Hangover Part II (2011)
Perfect. His body was too mangled to recover.
2.4 secs
Stir Crazy (1980)
The money was never recovered...
3.1 secs
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993) - S01E17 Adventure
I'm still trying to recover from my loss.
1.2 secs
Fresh Off the Boat (2015) - S03E18 Time to Get Ill
while your mother recovers.
2.3 secs
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2013)
My teeth... are swords.
3.7 secs
The Mindy Project (2012) - S01E21 Santa Fe
And it's very embarrassing to my friends,
1.7 secs
The IT Crowd (2006) - S04E01 Jen the Fredo
You have my sword.