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It may not seem like it, but I know exactly what I'm doing.
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It may not seem like it, but I know exactly what I'm doing.
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The Simpsons S27E09
Son, I know it may not seem like it now,
3.3 secs
Black-Ish (2014) - S01E05 Family
You know, it may not seem like it, but I am embarrassed by those naps.
1.3 secs
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (2005) - S12E08 The Gang Tends Bar
I know exactly what I'm doing.
3 secs
Julius Caesar (1953)
I know not what may fall. I like it not.
2.9 secs
The Sure Thing (1985)
-I don't know, it just seems like-- -I'm not.
2.6 secs
Adult World Trailer
I know, it seems like I'm not really doing anything right now,
1.9 secs
Failure to Launch (2006)
It's not like I don't know what I'm doing.
2.7 secs
Animal Kingdom (2016) - S01E03
Baz may not see it, but I know exactly who you are.
2.1 secs
Stick It (2006)
I know exactly what that feels like.
2 secs
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015) - S02E03 All Signs Point to Joshรขย€ยฆOr Is It Josh's Friend?
I'm her best friend, I know exactly what to do.
3.5 secs
Mrs Doubtfire (1993)
I know it seems like a lot, but for me it's not enough. Really.
4.9 secs
Driving Miss Daisy (1989) Drama
Not exactly. But a lot of men I do business with would not like it!
1.6 secs
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015) - S02E11 Josh Is the Man of My Dreams, Right?
but I do know exactly what he looks like.
2.8 secs
Like Sunday, Like Rain (2014)
I know what it is. It's horrible. Do not go.
4.1 secs
Sin City (2005)
But I'm out. I know exactly what I gotta do.
4 secs
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) - S05E18 Drama
- But I'm not sure I like what it's doing to me. - But you've mastered so much.
3.7 secs
Final Destination 5 (2011)
I may not know what's going on, but it's not what that guy's selling.
3 secs
3% (2016) - S01E08 Sci-Fi
Sometimes it may seem like it, but no.
2.6 secs
Downton Abbey (2010) - S06E09 Family
I do not, but I would like to know what it is.
3.4 secs
The Mechanic (2011)
Its may not seem like it tonight your lucky night...
3.2 secs
The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
but it seems like you do work here. So you know that I don't.
2.2 secs
This Is Us (2016) - S01E18 Drama
I know it may not feel like it right now,
3.2 secs
Breakfast at Tiffany's
I'm not sure where that is, but I know what it's like.
4.2 secs
Night Court (1984) - S01E10 Some Like It Hot
I know things seem desperate right now, but believe me, it's not that bad.
4.4 secs
Shutter Island (2010)
What I'm doing, it's not exactly by the book.
5.2 secs
Sausage Party (2016)
Not exactly what I was looking for, but fuck it, you know. Hole's a hole, bro.
4.8 secs
Natalieโ€™s Rap 2 - SNL
Wow, I gotta say it seems like you're almost exactly the same, but with current references.