"guys Michelle when I get to help"

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Bob's Burgers (2011) - Season 2, Episode 4 Comedy
and ice cream old I would sounds complicated when do I get to go sailing with you guys %HESITATION
Taken 3 (2015)
to give better talk to somebody about this shrink maybe why don't I go to a shrink when I get you guys well there's a good point and
The Other Guys (2010)
You get this back when I feel you know how to handle it.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015) - Season 1, Episode 2 Kimmy Gets a Job!
so I have to go to Michelle.
Get Him to the Greek (2010)
You know, I could help resurrect the guy's career.
When Harry Met Sally... (1989)
I love that you get a crinkle here when you look at me like I'm nuts.
Drag Me to Hell (2009)
In fact, I tried to help your grandma get the house back,
Family Guy (1999) - S05E08
When do we get to shoot some bad guys?
The Nice Guys (2016)
I would like to help you, but I just don't know anybody called Amelia.
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)
Michelle, what have you got?
When Harry Met Sally... (1989)
- I have to get this. - Harry, we're here for Jess and Marie.
Get Him to the Greek (2010)
You know what I'm gonna do when I get home?
The Nice Guys (2016)
I'll get help.
The Other Guys (2010)
And I kind of need somebody to help me out, like, you know, my partner in crime.
The Boss (2016)
I have to keep my job, Michelle.
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007)
that really might help get these guys off your back.
Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)
When I try to help, she gets defensive.
When Harry Met Sally... (1989)
Well, I've had a few days to get used to it, and I feel OK.
When Harry Met Sally... (1989)
But I will get one if it's important to you.
When Harry Met Sally... (1989)
I love that you get cold when it's 71° out.