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{} sit at your computer.
Embed this clip in your website? sit at your computer.
2.8 secs
South Park (1997) - S10E08
or you can sit at your computer and do something that matters.
1.5 secs
Mr. Robot (2015) - S01E10
You're gonna sit at your computer,
1.7 secs
Up in the Air (2009)
Are you mad at your computer?
8.4 secs
Adele - Don't You Remember (Live at Largo)
Or have you completely erased me from your memory?
1.3 secs
Knocked Up (2007)
- You're at your computer. - Mmm-hmm.
3.1 secs
Silicon Valley (2014) - S02E09 Binding Arbitration
Did you at any time use a Hooli computer...
2.8 secs
The Sessions (2012)
...Mark and I sit at your feet...
2 secs
Lilo & Stitch (2002)
Your dog cannot sit at the table.
4.6 secs
It Could Happen to You (1994)
- You won't see your wife? - I mustn't surprise her at work.
2.4 secs
Vamps (2012)
- Are you near your computer? - Yeah.
3 secs
Suits (2011) - S01E01
That's impressive, but you're sitting at a computer.
3.1 secs
Penny Dreadful (2014) - S03E06
That's because you don't understand who's sitting at your table.
8 secs
Sinead O'Connor Nothing Compares 2 You
Nothing compares to you
2 secs
Spectre (2015)
He's sitting at your desk,
10 secs
Sinead O'Connor Nothing Compares 2 You
Nothing compares to you
2.4 secs
Hannibal (2001)
I'm speaking about the computer at your home, sir.
2.2 secs
Me Before You (2016)
Okay. Well, I could get you your computer.
1.7 secs
TRON Legacy
Computer: If you lose your disc,
3.2 secs
The Great White Hype (1996)
Ooh. I bow to you. I sit at your feet.
1.2 secs
The Office (2005) - S02E18 Take Your Daughter to Work Day
Do you have any computer games?