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You stay here, Mom. We'll check it out.
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You stay here, Mom. We'll check it out.
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4 secs
Leprechaun (1993)
Stay here. I'm gonna check it out.
3.7 secs
Date Night (2010)
It's no big deal, Arroyo. We're already here. We'll help you guys out. We should stay.
3 secs
Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999)
- Check it out, Corporal. We'll cover you. - Roger, roger.
2.8 secs
Kiss of Death (1995)
Why don't you stay and check it out?
2.4 secs
Deadpool (2016)
Here, check it out.
2.2 secs
Rain Man (1988)
We'll stay here. Thank you.
1.8 secs
Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)
- No, we'll keep it here. - Check it.
3.5 secs
Seinfeld (1989) - S08E21 The Muffin Tops
Here you go. Here you go. Check it out.
2.2 secs
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)
All right. We'll check it out.
2.4 secs
Supernatural - S11E13
All right, we'll check it out.
2.7 secs
Where the Buffalo Roam (1980)
- We'll check it out, sir. - Do that.
2.2 secs
The Third Man (1949)
You stay out here.
3.1 secs
Annabelle Trailer
- I think something is wrong. - Stay here, I'll check it out.
2.5 secs
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)
We'll try down here. You check there.
4.4 secs
Mr. Mom (1983)
Right. Sorry. Here. We'll settle out of court.
3 secs
Universal Soldier (1992)
All right, look, I'm, uh, I'm gonna go check this out. You, uh, you stay here...
2.7 secs
Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994)
I'll stay here. You check the wings.
2.5 secs
We'll have you checked out of here in a couple days.
2.2 secs
Short Term 12 (2013)
we'll keep them in the closet out here, and you can check
3 secs
The Bourne Legacy (2012)
You flag it and you send it over to Dita and we'll check it out.
2.6 secs
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (2003)
You! Check it out!
5.2 secs
12 Angry Men (1957)
But if anyone votes not guilty, we'll stay here and talk it out.
1.3 secs
The Lost Boys (1987)
We'll check out Max.
2.5 secs
National Lampoon's European Vacation (1985)
Stay quiet. We'll get you out later.
1.2 secs
James Bond: Never Say Never Again (1983)
We'll check her out.
1.5 secs
I Love You Man (2009)
Check it out.
1.1 secs
Summer of Sam (1999)
We'll check him out.