xXx Return of Xander Cage Jan 20

"It's your chance for a little romance or butt squeezin'"

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Eminem - Just Lose It
#{# #}
2.5 secs
True Romance (1993)
What, do you like a little coffee with your sugar, or what?
2.3 secs
Like Water for Chocolate (1992)
Or just a little
3.2 secs
LADY IN RED - Chris De Burgh
Looking for a little romance
5.8 secs
As Good as It Gets (1997)
Soak it up. It's your last chance for a hug for a few days.
3.3 secs
James Bond: For Your Eyes Only (1981)
It suggests that there is a chance of obtaining...
2.8 secs
Hell or High Water (2016)
A little early in the morning for tweakers.
3 secs
True Romance (1993)
...and talk about it. It's sort of a little tradition I have.
2.5 secs
True Romance (1993)
I don't have a pot to piss in, or a window to throw it out.
3.1 secs
Stick It (2006)
Super. I'm goin' for a Butt-ahara.
2 secs
A Few Good Men (1992)
Last chance. I'll flip you for it.
1.1 secs
True Romance (1993)
Or a supporting actor.
3.6 secs
Pretty Little Liars (2010) - S06E19
Well, you missed your chance. She's already a novelist.
3.1 secs
To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (1995)
I've got a secret romance. Couldn't you just lose it?
3.9 secs
Pretty Little Liars (2010) - S07E05
Heh, guess I missed my chance for a goodnight kiss.
2.1 secs
True Romance (1993)
So he held on to it for about a year and a half...
2.7 secs
True Romance (1993)
I can take that, and I can sell it a little bit at a time...
1.5 secs
Little Fockers (2010)
It's like a metaphor for your approval...
3.8 secs
True Romance (1993)
Where is it? ls there a fucking doctor in the house, or what?
3.8 secs
True Romance (1993)
I was only there for four days. He got a little bit rough the other day.
3.8 secs
Live Free or Die Hard (2007)
CB radio? A little low-tech for you guys, isn't it?