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I'll get them to the choppers from here.
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I'll get them to the choppers from here.
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3.6 secs
Predator (1987)
Get to the chopper!
3.2 secs
Tropic Thunder (2008)
Go get your guys! Get them to the chopper!
2.1 secs
James Bond: From Russia with Love (1963)
I'll get them away from here.
1.9 secs
MacGyver (2016) - S01E13 Large Blade
Get to the chopper now.
2.3 secs
Action Jackson (1988)
Get the chopper. I'll meet you there.
3.1 secs
Escape from L.A. (1996)
Get inside the chopper. It's bulletproof.
4.5 secs
Escape from L.A. (1996)
I want a police chopper to come and get me at the Happy Kingdom,
2.4 secs
Eminem - Ass Like That
Get to the chopper, everybody get out
2.2 secs
Killing Them Softly (2012) Thriller
Lurch to get back from the airport over here?
2.1 secs
Mission: Impossible III (2006)
Lindsey! Let's get to the chopper.
2.8 secs
Star Wars Rebels (2014) - S03E05 Adventure
Chopper, get the munitions ready to roll.
1.8 secs
The Blacklist (2013) - S01E19 Drama
Get her up to the chopper.
1.3 secs
Cloverfield (2008)
Sorry, son, can't help you. Get them on the chopper.
1.7 secs
Taken (2008)
I'll get it from them.
0 secs
Ishtar (1987)
Let's go. Chopper, come here! Come here! Let's get the hell out of here! They don't look dead to me.
1 secs
The Fast and the Furious 6 (2013)
Get a chopper, now!
1.4 secs
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015) - S01E04 Kimmy Goes to the Doctor!
Get them away from me!
1.6 secs
Star Wars Rebels (2014) - S03E21 Adventure
Chopper, get us outta here!
3.6 secs
Pacific Rim (2013)
To the choppers! To the choppers now!
2 secs
The Blacklist (2013) - S02E09 Drama
Radio that chopper. Tell them to turn around.
1.9 secs
The Office (2005) - S05E24 Casual Friday
I'll talk to them when they all get back from the bathroom.
2.9 secs
Men of Honor (2000)
Dad, the mail chopper's here, so I better get topside.
2.1 secs
Veep (2012) - S06E05 Chicklet
Here, okay. I'll... I'll get you from the back.
2.8 secs
My Fellow Americans (1996)
They met here to take the chopper to the ceremonies...
2.8 secs
Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce (2014) - S02E01 Drama
Here, I'll... I'll get the kids.
1.9 secs
Transformers (2007)
It's coming from the chopper.
1.9 secs
The Emoji Movie (2017)
Now I'll never get them to sleep.