"You just come and see me anytime"

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Mary Jane Girls - In My House
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Pinocchio (1940)
And anytime you need me, you know, just whistle.
Kazaam (1996)
# Don't just stare Come over here and let me see you jiggy,jiggy jam it #
Requiem for a Dream (2000)
'Please come and see me, and bring Marion, won't you?'
OIlie told me to come up and see you.
Heaven Can Wait (1978)
Could you call and ask him to come see me?
Source Code (2011)
Captain, just tell me what you see. Just look and speak.
Tammy (2014)
- You put on man perfume to come and see me? - No, I didn't put on ma...
Sense and Sensibility (1995)
Why have you not come to see me?
The Mechanic (2011)
Unless you are a world champion. Just tell me and I come and fix it.
La Dolce Vita (1960)
- Let me come here more often. - I told you, you can come anytime.
My Cousin Vinny (1992)
Y'all come back and see us anytime now. I'll see ya. I'll see ya.
Paul Young - Come Back and Stay
Just love me forever
Gilmore Girls (2000) - S01E21
I come all the way out here, and I see you with him. It's just great.
Sex and the City (2008)
Come on, baby. Turn around, let me see you.
Little Mix - Love Me Like You (Official Video)
Come and save me
The Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie Strange Brew (1983)
You ever want a job with the Fire Department, come and see me.
One Direction - Kiss You (Official)
And you just wanna take me home
The Sting (1973)
And you expect me to come out just like that?
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994)
If Einhorn come down here and see me talking to you or your ass, I'm history.
Remember the Titans (2000) Sport
they can come visit me anytime.