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- You look like a wet beaver.
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- You look like a wet beaver.
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2.2 secs
Lady and the Tramp (1955) Romance
Hey, look. A beaver.
2.8 secs
The Ranch (2016) - S01E02 Some People Change
You're like a beaver, right?
3.4 secs
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) - S05E16 Drama
Great. Now I look like a wet rat.
1.9 secs
Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (2010) - S07E08
There's one of them that looked like a wet uncle.
1.7 secs
Family Guy (1999) - S15E01
even though he looks like a wet baby horse.
5.3 secs
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013) - S02E08 Crime
It's like working inside a beaver dam.
1.8 secs
Airplane! (1980)
like a wet sponge.
3.5 secs
Wet Hot American Summer (2001)
- It's just like klute! - Holy shit, you guys! Look, look, look.
2 secs
Wet Hot American Summer (2001)
Looks like everything worked out for you two.
3.9 secs
Hustle & Flow (2005) Crime
You think her hair look like a wet dust mop, go on and tell her so. I do.
3.6 secs
Wet Hot American Summer (2001)
You taste like a burger. I don't like you anymore.
1.3 secs
Broad City (2014) - S01E01 What a Wonderful World
Hey, Beavers.
6.6 secs
Leave It to Beaver (1957) - S01E0
look boys if you will take the bicycle and let me get a few pictures I'll give you twenty five dollars out
3.8 secs
Dead Like Me (2003-2004) S01E08 A Cook
and then you and I are gonna be busy little beavers.
2 secs
Cinderella (2015)
- You look cheerful! - And wet!
2.8 secs
The Simpsons (1989) - S03E23 Comedy
Hey, Milhouse, would you like a wet willie?
8.9 secs
Leave It to Beaver (1957) - S01E0
know you work for a milk company but there are indications of a much stronger beverages would you know it does sound a little like Wally in the beaver...
1.4 secs
Bob's Burgers (2011) - S07E14 Comedy
It's like you put a wet lizard on me.
2.2 secs
Pure Genius (2016) - S01E11 Touch and Go
almost like a wet suit.
7.1 secs
Leave It to Beaver (1957) - S01E0
come now Mister Baxter you make it sound like those two boys stuck a gun in your stomach and said your money or your bicycle hello
10.3 secs
Leave It to Beaver (1957) - S01E0
we've got vannatter and well now look boys I know you're a little confused by why don't we just close our eyes to the fact that nobody will know the d...
1.5 secs
Deadpool’s “Wet on Wet” Teaser
Would you look at that
3.7 secs
Modern Family (2009) - S01E11 Up All Night
Just like a weasel. Yeah. Look at how awesome. He's so wet.
4.1 secs
Training Day (2001)
- Didn't know you liked it wet, though. - What's wet?
3 secs
Crazyhead (2016) - S01E06 Horror
- You ready? - Ready as a beaver with a chainsaw.
2.4 secs
Deadpool’s “Wet on Wet” Teaser
It seems like we have ourselves a finished painting
3.2 secs
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)
It... It's a beaver.