"A funky rhyme to a foe or a good friend"

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Rob Base, DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two
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Rob Base, DJ EZ Rock - It Takes Two
A funky rhyme to a foe or a good friend
A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)
What's that funky noise?
Tone Loc - Funky Cold Medina (Official Video) [HQ]
I thought she'd be good to go with a little Funky Cold Medina
The Fugees - Ready or Not
I kick a rhyme drinkin' moonshine
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015) - S02E07 Kimmy Walks Into a Bar!
a nursery rhyme too slowly!
A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)
or does it always just seem to find you?
A Few Good Men (1992)
They work at a place where you have to wear camouflage or you might get shot!
A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)
get you some Merthiolate or mercury
A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)
Everybody needs a good cry once in a while, Jack.
A Few Good Men (1992)
You haven't talked to a witness or looked at a piece of paper.
A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)
Yes or no?
A Few Good Men (1992)
He wasn't being asked to secure a hill or advance on a beachhead.
A Clockwork Orange (1971)
... being a good friend to you as always...
A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation
Not to come across as a thug or a hood
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)
Oh, smart guy's a rhymer
A Few Good Men (1992)
received no food or drink, except water, for a period of seven days?
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)
Our daddy's a friend of your daddy's.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015) - S02E06 Kimmy Drives a Car!
I can be a good elf and a good friend.
A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)
We thought you were doing drugs or something.
Clarence Clemons & Jackson Browne - You're a Friend of Mine
You're a friend of mine