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And when she came back she was nobody's wife.
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And when she came back she was nobody's wife.
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Fast and Furious (2009)
When she came back, she was always in here,
3.4 secs
Rosewood (2015) - S02E01 Drama
When she came back, she was... different.
1.1 secs
Designated Survivor (2016) - S01E09 The Blueprint
back when she was a nobody,
2.4 secs
Fresh Off the Boat (2015) - S03E19 Driving Miss Jenny
and when I came back, she was gone.
2.8 secs
Pretty Little Liars (2010) - S01E09 Mystery
I dreamt that she came back and she was fine.
2.4 secs
American Horror Story (2011) - S06E03
When I came back to the car, she was gone.
2 secs
Tin Cup (1996)
She was crying when she came out.
1.7 secs
Closer (2014)
She was 21 when she came in.
2.1 secs
Tomorrowland (2015)
and nobody was in there when she went boom.
2.5 secs
Haters Back Off (2016) - S01E03 Netwerking at the Nursing Home
She said she's glad and she came.
2.7 secs
Proxy Trailer
When I came back, she was talking to you. What was she saying?
4.7 secs
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009)
She left to go to the loo, and when she came back she had the package.
2.6 secs
Homeland (2011) - S02E12 Mystery
and she never came back.
1.9 secs
Transparent (2014) - S03E02 Drama
And when I came to, she was gone.
2.9 secs
Madam Secretary (2014) - S03E07 Tectonic Shift
And by the time I came back, she was gone.
2.8 secs
Twin Peaks (1992) - S02E03
She came to visit when I was in jail and...
1.7 secs
Pretty Little Liars (2010) - S01E22 Mystery
When she came back from that trip?
1.8 secs
Bob's Burgers (2011) - S03E09 Comedy
When she came back to the store
5.3 secs
The Mentalist (2008) - S01E08 Drama
And she'd go for a ride and then she had cash when she came back.
1.6 secs
Let's Kill Ward's Wife Trailer
She was selfish and she was mean.
3.2 secs
Night Court (1984) - S01E12 Bull's Baby
He was right. She came back.
1 secs
Back to the Future Part III (1990)
at the station when she came in?
2 secs
The Good Wife (2009) - S01E14
And she said she was gonna quit.
2.9 secs
Sons of Anarchy (2008) - S01E07 Crime
She came back here because she was afraid of me.
2.3 secs
Ransom (2016) - S01E09 Crime
Well, she was 17 when she came to your home.
3.7 secs
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) - S07E05 Drama
She was hurt and she just turned back to what she knew when I...
3.6 secs
Sideways (2004) Comedy
When she came to the bar, she was sans rock.