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And I still do.
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And I still do.
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1.4 secs
Paper Towns (2015)
And I still do.
3.6 secs
Lincoln (2012)
And I still do. Every day I do.
2.1 secs
Star Trek (1966) S01E08
and still I do not understand you.
1.9 secs
Electric Dreams (1984)
And how much I still do!
2.5 secs
American Dad! (2005) - S01E20 Comedy
You and I can still do it up.
2.5 secs
Sherlock (2010) - S04E02
And do you know something? I still do.
5.1 secs
Malibu's Most Wanted (2003)
And I still do. And if you say that this is who you really are, I believe you.
1.7 secs
Hot Rod (2007)
And I see you're still doing your stunts.
2 secs
Seinfeld (1989) - S02E10 The Baby Shower
- And if you do? - I still won't forgive myself...
2 secs
Modern Family (2009) - S02E01 The Old Wagon
and, oh, yeah, I can still do that by myself.
1.3 secs
Rick and Morty (2013) - S03E01
and I still don't know what I do.
2.3 secs
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015)
And you still do. So I am staying.
2.3 secs
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015)
And you still do. So I am staying.
2.6 secs
Community (2009) - S01E17 Physical Education
And I can't believe that you're still doing it...
2.6 secs
Rick and Morty - S03E06 Rest and Ricklaxation
It's still unacceptable behavior, and I do regret it.
1.2 secs
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008) - S03E04 Drama
and still I don't know what to do,
2.5 secs
Sons of Anarchy (2008) - S01E02 Crime
Okay, I'll be there. And I still wanna do that dinner.
4.2 secs
Community (2009) - S02E12 Asian Population Studies
And do you understand that I still have to try?
3.4 secs
The Simpsons (1989) - S02E01 Comedy
This is as good as I can do, and I still failed.
2.3 secs
Election (1999)
and how I still want to do something for the school and...
2.7 secs
Wallace and Gromit, Curse of the Wererabbit
I do hope you'll still come and visit, Wallace.
3.7 secs
Girl Meets World (2014) - S01E01
I will. And when I do will you still be there for me?
2.9 secs
Sideways (2004) Comedy
- Still had some stuff to do. - Miles and I...
3.5 secs
Fargo (2014) - S01E01 Drama
Did my math and science. I still have to do English. Over.
2.9 secs
The Office (2005) - S02E15 Boys & Girls
And I did a little in college, and I'd still love to do something
3.1 secs
Deepwater Horizon (2016)
Yeah, I do, and I still can't believe that thing's a boat.
3.4 secs
Bob's Burgers (2011) - S09E09 UFO No You Didn't
Um, and, honestly, I wish I was still doing my other project,