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...not for sex.
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...not for sex.
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Arrested Development (2003) - S04E10 Queen B.
Oh, but not for sex.
1.4 secs
Futureworld (1976)
I'm not programmed for sex.
2.9 secs
Mamma Mia! (2008)
And not too old for sex
1.5 secs
Family Guy(1999) - S17E01 Married with Cancer
I'm not just out for sex.
4.1 secs
Not Another Teen Movie (2001)
They're not looking for sex. They're looking for love.
4 secs
Easy A (2010)
I'm saying I'm having sex for money, but I'm not having sex for money.
3.7 secs
Arrested Development (2003) - S03E02 For British Eyes Only
Not... Not for sex. You're gonna think that I'm Jack the Ripper, right?
4.7 secs
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008) - S03E01 Drama
-Having sex ruined everything for us. -Not continuing to have sex ruined everything for us.
2.4 secs
Archer (2009) - S03E10 Animation
Because who's to say you're not using him for sex?
2.4 secs
American Dad! (2005) - S01E09 Comedy
that Steve may not be ready for sex education.
3 secs
New Girl (2011) - S01E04 Naked
Maybe I'm not ready for meaningless sex with beautiful women.
2.1 secs
How I Met Your Mother (2005) - S01E04
We're not gonna have sex for at least a month,
2.5 secs
Devious Maids (2013) - S01E10
He offered her money for sex or not?
2.5 secs
Devious Maids (2013) - S01E10 Drama
He offered her money for sex or not?
2.7 secs
Easy A (2010)
I'm not really having sex with people for money.
3.9 secs
Everybody Loves Raymond (1996) - S06E09 Older Women
it's not all about looks and sex for me.
1.8 secs
Family Guy (1999) - S15E03 Comedy
Why not? Didn't she just pay you for sex?
3.4 secs
30 Rock (2006) - S06E13 Grandmentor
"yeah! Dig sex and I'm not gonna apologize for it."
3 secs
American Dad! (2005) - S02E05 Comedy
And I,m not too drunk or too full for sex. Too bad it's not sex night.
2.4 secs
Sleeping with Other People (2015)
- Oh, many times. - You have not had sex for 90 minutes.
3.9 secs
Scrubs (2001) - S02E03 Drama
and jump right ahead to not having sex for a month?
4.1 secs
Parks and Recreation (2009) - S02E05 Sister City
When I said party, I meant one that did not include sex for pay.
4 secs
Rick and Morty (2013) - S01E08
Gimme a break! We're not heroes for having unprotected sex on prom night.
3.9 secs
Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2000) - S02E04 Comedy
I guess now I'm not allowed to pay for sex with pennies.
2.6 secs
Pitch Perfect (2012)
Yeah, it's like when my lady doctor told me not to have sex for six weeks,
3.4 secs
The Secret Life of the American Teenager (2008) - S01E01 Drama
And you do not wanna have bad sex for the rest of your life.
3.1 secs
The Mindy Project (2012) S05E02 Nurses' Strike
Everyone, I am not accepting sex in exchange for this apartment.