"I got two choices yall pull over the car or"

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99 Problems
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The Wedding Ringer (2015)
Pull the fucking car over.
How I Met Your Mother (2005) - S01E01
Stop the car. Pull over right here.
Under the Skin (2013)
Pall... Nall...
The Hangover (2009)
Phil, stop the car, I wanna get out. Stop the car, I wanna get out. Pull over.
The Longest Yard (2005)
Don't you think I should pull the car over more? I could get sideswiped.
The Town (2010)
We're not gonna pull any DNA off of this or off the switch car.
The Blues Brothers (1980)
Jake, I gotta pull over.
The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear (1991)
In all honesty, the last two I backed over with my car.
The Grinder (2015) - S01E01
on the highway of what the hell is my life looking for a offramp I think I just going to pull the car over
The Conversation (1974)
All right. Pull over.
Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides (2011)
before i go just handing them over, i do have one or two conditions.
The Wedding Ringer (2015)
Lou, you have to pull the fucking car over.
The Knick (2014) - S02E01 Ten Knots
All over the hull.
The Nice Guys (2016)
You don't have to pull over. The car can drive itself.
The Notebook (2004)
The way I see it, I got three choices.
Sharknado (2013)
Pull your car over.
Stranger Things (2016) - S01E02 Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street
- Barbara, pull over. - What?
Seinfeld (1989) - S02E08 The Heart Attack
- Pull over. - Pull over?
The War of the Roses (1989)
and I got so scared, I had to pull over.
Stranger Things (2016) - S01E02 Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street
Pull over!