"And you've got a buddy for life."

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Harold and Maude
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Hot Rod (2007)
and you've got a Mountain for a face.
Mates of State - Sleep the Clock Around
And for once in your life you've got nothing to say
The Godfather: Part II (1974)
You've got a great home here, for the rest of your life.
Ballers (2015) - S02E01
and all you've got to show for it is one new client and a restaurant.
Serpico (1973)
I mean, look, you've got a feel for the streets, and I...
A Bug's Life (1998)
- Yeah, and I've got something for you too. - Flik!
Smokey and the Bandit (1977)
- Well, talk to me, good buddy. - You've got trouble comin'.
You've Got Mail (1998)
Coming soon, a Fox Books Superstore. The end of civilization...
You've Got Mail (1998)
For the first time, when confronted with a horrible, insensitive person...
It's a Wonderful Life (1947)
And you've got talent, son. I've seen it.
A Bug's Life (1998)
- You've got to make it work! - Hey!
You've Got Mail (1998)
Once I read a story about a butterfly in the subway, and today...
You've Got Mail (1998)
I hope you have a good reason for not being there last night.
You've Got Mail (1998)
...and not forgive me for this tiny little thing...
You've Got Mail (1998)
...who had the idea for the great and daring mouse plot.
You've Got Mail (1998)
You have a gift for it. That was a perfect blend of poetry and meanness.
You've Got Mail (1998)
And we got a $50,000 ticket for construction workers peeing off the roof.
Veep (2012) - S04E07 Mommy Meyer
Let her up there for a minute, and then you've got to go up there and take the heat.
You've Got Mail (1998)
A man who has made my professional life a misery.
You've Got Mail (1998)
...I'd be crazy not to turn my life upside down and marry her.