"Can you see them"

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The Go-Go's - Our Lips Are Sealed
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The Go-Go's - Our Lips Are Sealed
Can you see them
Born on the Fourth of July (1989)
Can you see them?
Twister (1996) Drama
Can you see them?
Star Wars The Force Awakens (2015)
- Can you see them? - No.
Silk (2007)
Only here can you see them.
New Edition - Can You Stand The Rain
Sunny days every body loves them tell me can you stand the rain (can you stand it)
Scrooged (1988)
You can hardly see them nipples.
Hudson Hawk (1991)
- Maybe I can make them feel better. - Well, okay. See what you can do.
Loverboy (1989)
- Are you crazy? People can see! - Fine. I want them to.
Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977)
There's too much interference. Red Five, can you see them?
City of Angels (1998)
No one can see you unless you want them to.
Big (1988)
[Beeping] Can I see them?
Pretty Little Liars (2010) - S2E7
See, the ink ran, but you can see
Roxanne (1987) Comedy
how you can start to see them as handsome?
The Breakfast Club (1985)
So when you look at them, you can sort of see that thin person inside.
Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
Did you see that shit? I can describe all of them.
Inglourious Basterds (2009)
See , we like our Nazis in uniforms. That way you can spot them .
James Bond: Dr. No (1962)
Can I see them?
New Edition - Can You Stand The Rain
Sunny days everybody loves them tell me baby can you stand the rain? Storms will come this we know for sure (this we know for sure) can you stand the ...
The Third Man (1949)
The unlucky ones went off their heads. You can see them now in the mental ward.