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What a wonderful sight! There's Lady Liberty!
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What a wonderful sight! There's Lady Liberty!
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Lady and the Tramp (1955) Romance
That's a grand sight.
1.5 secs
Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014)
Lady liberty.
3.2 secs
The In-Laws (1979)
That's a wonderful patient you got there. Very fine lady.
1.6 secs
Fawlty Towers (1975) - S01E01 A Touch of Class
There's no sight like
3.2 secs
Mary Poppins (1964)
Coo, what a sight
2.1 secs
Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (2010) - S02E02 Comedy
What a beautiful sight.
3.1 secs
The Hunger Games Catching Fire (2013)
She's actually a wonderful lady.
3 secs
Marvel's Agent Carter (2015) - S01E05
But what she represents, the spirit of Lady Liberty,
1.8 secs
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)
I wonder what he does in there.
4.6 secs
The Ladies Man (2000)
to finally realize what a wonderful person you're capable of being.
1.8 secs
Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)
because living in a country where Lady Liberty...
3.4 secs
NewsRadio (1995) - S03E12 Romance
Lady Liberty is endangered by a hideous new disease
2 secs
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)
Oh, man, what a sight!
3.4 secs
Miss Congeniality (2000)
Like Lady Liberty
3.5 secs
The Ladies Man (2000)
I bet you're wondering what a nice girl like that is doing in a place like this.
3.1 secs
The Mighty Boosh: Electro S01E07
Quite a thrilling sight for a young lady to see.
2.6 secs
The Office (2005) - S03E21 Women's Appreciation
is the most wonderful sight for a woman.
3.3 secs
All the Way (2016)
A potential sighting? What the hell's a potential sighting?
3.8 secs
Game of Thrones (2011) - S01E08
Lady Catelyn, you're a welcome sight in these troubled times.
2.2 secs
Flight of The Conchords S01E10
- # Lady # - # Out of sight #
1.7 secs
A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning 1 - S01E01
Wondering what?
1.8 secs
Scent of a Woman (1992)
and there's not a taxi in sight.
1.3 secs
The Imitation Game (2014)
Wonderful ladies.
3.5 secs
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993) - S02E06 Adventure
Boy, there's hardly a soldier in sight.
3.6 secs
La La Land (2016)
And there's not a spark in sight
2.3 secs
Game of Thrones (2011) - S01E08
Ser Alliser: Now there's a rare sight--
2.8 secs
Army of Darkness (1992)
(skeIeton) There's a sight for sore bones.