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"That's why you should never bring a cricket bat to Greece."

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The Mighty Boosh: Hitcher S01E08
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A Room with a View (1986)
Why are you going to Greece?
Mission to Mars (2000) Thriller
- What are you suggesting, Sergei? - I think maybe you should bring a baseball bat.
A Room with a View (1986)
Why? Why Greece?
American Horror Story (2011) - S06E06
(imitates Cricket): That's a call back to Cricket's sรฉance.
James Bond: Never Say Never Again (1983)
And that's why you shouted my name across the harbor?
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962)
Why does he bring you all this stuff?
Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995)
You should never be a grade grubber.
A Streetcar Named Desire (1951)
- Why, it's a... - That's a bus ticket back to Auriol.
Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983)
That's why you won't bring me to your emperor now.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)
You should be proud to be Greek.
He's Just Not That Into You (2009)
You don't know if you shouId bring a friend, or are you co-hosting...
The Birdcage (1996)
You have to in Greece.
A Knight's Tale (2001)
In Greece...
This Is Spinal Tap (1984)
I notice you got this cricket bat here.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)
You know, she comes from Greece.
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2005)
Why did they come back to Greece?
My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)
-ls Armenia close to Greece? -Not exactly.
James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)
I should commission you to write a novel.
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (2015) - S02E09 Kimmy Meets a Drunk Lady!
I should never have listened to you.
A Time to Kill (1996)
That's why I picked you.