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and an Elephant.
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and an Elephant.
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2.8 secs
The Cabin in the Woods (2011)
Like the difference between an elephant and an elephant seal.
1.1 secs
Inside Out (2015)
and rent an elephant?
3.7 secs
The Jungle Book (1967)
And remember, an elephant never forgets.
2.6 secs
Zootopia Trailer
and an air-powered elephant tranquilizer.
2.7 secs
This Is Us (2016) - S01E10
"An elephant," and then just given up
2.9 secs
Arrested Development (2003) - S01E02 Top Banana
and the hide of an elephant.
2.8 secs
Frida (2002)
It's like the marriage of an elephant and a dove.
11.1 secs
Zootopia Trailer
may have incredible hearing and an air power elephant so now you know utopia like nothing you've seen be
3.4 secs
Paddington (2014)
It had the head of an elephant and body of a snake, but it tried to shoot me!
1.4 secs
The King and I (1956)
2.6 secs
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)
Hey, Neville, try an elephant.
1.8 secs
Paddington (2014)
- There was an elephant. - An elephant?
2.2 secs
The Jungle Book (1967)
An elephant never forgets.
2.5 secs
The Lion King (1994)
An elephant what? Whoa!
2.2 secs
The Lion King (1994)
- An elephant graveyard. - Wow!
1.3 secs
Louie (2010) - S02E05 Country Drive
Okay, it's an elephant.
1.7 secs
Last Action Hero (1993)
Look, an elephant.
3.4 secs
The Elephant Man (1980)
by an elephant, a wild elephant.
2.2 secs
The Brothers Grimsby (2016)
It's an elephant bukkake party.
2.1 secs
Citizen Kane (1941)
Well, then it's an elephant.
2 secs
Animal Kingdom (2016) - S01E06
Enough to OD an elephant.
2.3 secs
Fletch (1985)
about an elephant named Babar?
3.1 secs
Dude, Where's My Car? (2000)
- Look! It's an elephant! - What?
1.3 secs
Neighbors (2014)
I am not an elephant!
1 secs
Pineapple Express (2008)
And the Elephant Man.
1.8 secs
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)
I hate that elephant.
2.1 secs
The King and I (1956)
- No elephants? - No.