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So when school starts, you'll have one good friend.
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So when school starts, you'll have one good friend.
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Friends (1994) - S10E09 The One With the Birth Mother
I can't believe it. When you come back, you'll have a baby. That is so weird.
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Friends (1994) - S04E17 The One With the Free Porn
Good news! You'll have three babies.
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Friends (1994) - S10E11 The One Where the Stripper Cries
Gene, you won the toss, so you'll start. Which category?
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Friends (1994) - S07E21 The One With the Vows
- You'll get one. - Yeah, when?
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The Good Wife (2009) - S05E03 Drama
so you'll have options.
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015) - S02E06 Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?
so, Paula texted her friend from law school,
2.3 secs
Misery (1990)
so you'll have to start there.
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Friends (1994) - S06E10 The One With the Routine
When the music starts...
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Friends (1994) - S08E21 The One With the Cooking Class
You'll be heading a whole division, so you'll have a lot of duties.
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High School Musical (2006)
- Good. So we start tomorrow then. - OK, the first thing.
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Friends (1994) - S07E02 The One With Rachel's Book
- When will that start getting annoying? - Start?
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Friends (1994) - S06E16 The One That Could Have Been (2)
I'm fine! I'm so good.
3.8 secs
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)
And then he died just when I started school, so...
3.5 secs
Family Guy (1999) - S02E06 Comedy
I'm selling all my worldly goods, so you'll have some cash when I'm dead.
4.1 secs
Friends (1994) - S03E07 The One With the Race Car Bed
...when you'll have a chance to screw over another soap opera actor.
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Parks and Recreation (2009) - S07E12 One Last Ride (1)
Great to have so many good friends and colleagues.
2.5 secs
Friends (1994) - S05E03 The One Hundredth
Have you started having contractions?
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Friends (1994) - S06E02 The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel
You'll have a life, you'll date...
3.8 secs
Friends (1994) - S09E02 The One Where Emma Cries
So when I came here to see if you wanted to maybe start things up again...
3.6 secs
Friends (1994) - S10E03 The One With Ross's Tan
When the light's on, the spraying's about to start, so close your eyes.
2.2 secs
Friends (1994) - S10E11 The One Where the Stripper Cries
When's the dirty stuff starting?
1.7 secs
Friends (1994) - S06E06 The One on the Last Night
Oh, yeah, good start, Mon.
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Friends (1994) - S04E17 The One With the Free Porn
We'll work it around his schedule, so he doesn't have to quit school.
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Friends (1994) - S03E03 The One With the Jam
When I was in junior high school...
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Friends (1994) - S06E09 The One Where Ross Got High
So good.
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Friends (1994) - S08E23 The One Where Rachel Has a Baby (1)
-So when do you want to start trying? -All right, hold on a sec.
2.1 secs
Friends (1994) - S07E18 The One With Joey's Award
You'll have a last kiss.