xXx Return of Xander Cage Jan 20

"[Jennifer] You really haven't been listening."

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1.4 secs
Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)
You haven't been listening.
2.2 secs
Death to Smoochy (2002)
You haven't been listening!
4.6 secs
The Pest (1997)
- A splash. - Obviously, you haven't been listening!
2 secs
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016)
Listen, you haven't been home in months.
1.9 secs
Rio (2011)
What are you talking about? Haven't you been listening?
1 secs
Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987)
You haven't been to work.
3 secs
It Follows (2014)
You really haven't seen anything?
2.2 secs
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Trailer
Well, I haven't really been anywhere
2.9 secs
Van Helsing (2016) - S01E02 Seen You
I haven't seen this since...
1.1 secs
Castle (2009) - S08E02
Haven't you been paying attention?
2 secs
The Natural (1984)
Haven't you been paying attention?
2 secs
Atlanta (2016) - S01E01 The Big Bang
I haven't really been keeping up, man.
1.7 secs
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry (2007)
So you haven't always been gay.
2 secs
12 Monkeys (2015) - S02E08
What do you think Jennifer really meant?
3.1 secs
Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)
The last few weeks, you haven't been yourself.
2.4 secs
Bride Wars (2009)
Haven't you been listening? I've got an appointment with her on Friday.
1.2 secs
Me Before You (2016)
but you haven't been racing before, either,
4.8 secs
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997) - S01E01 Drama
- You really haven't been dating lately. - It's probably easy for you.
2.8 secs
45 Years (2015)
You really believe you haven't been enough for me?
4 secs
Wet Hot American Summer (2001)
Haven't you been listening to what we've been saying? We're trying to get our friend laid.