xXx Return of Xander Cage Jan 20

"He's a great person to work for."

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Family Guy (1999) - S14E10
He brought a personal item to work!
4.3 secs
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002)
and, personally, I'd like to find out who he is and who he's working for.
1.7 secs
Royal Pains (2009) - S08E03 Fly Me to Kowloon
He refuses to come in for a full work-up,
2.1 secs
Arrested Development (2003) - S01E20 Whistler's Mother
only because he's never had to work for a living.
3.9 secs
Wall Street (1987)
Delivery for Mr Gekko. It"s a personal item. He needs you to sign for it.
4.9 secs
Troy (2004)
Last time the high priest spoke to us, he prophesied a great victory for Troy.
2.6 secs
He's Just Not That Into You (2009)
...for us to work through this?
4.6 secs
Mission to Mars (2000)
I've worked with Phil for four years, and I know Jim gave him a direct order, but he is not gonna leave without us.
1.6 secs
Atlanta (2016) - S01E03 Go for Broke
- It's working out great for me. - Really?
4 secs
Arrested Development (2003) - S01E01 Pilot
For 10 years, he’s worked for his father’s company, waiting to be made a partner.
2.7 secs
Barbershop: The Next Cut (2016)
And personally, I think he's doin' a great job.
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Person of Interest (2011) - S05E11
Maybe he's willing to kill for it.
3.4 secs
To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (1995)
I'm looking for the person that wore that shoe.
8.4 secs
Missing Persons - Words
It's a sorry state I say to myself
2.1 secs
Person of Interest (2011) - S05E11
to the people he's working with?
3.2 secs
A Clockwork Orange (1971)
He must be a great disappointment to you, sir.
2.3 secs
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (2003)
I can't use my personal life for a story.
2.6 secs
The Office (2005) - S02E18 Take Your Daughter to Work Day
Which is great because he got suspended this week
2.8 secs
And Justice for All (1979)
He said he wanted to personally review your case.
2.4 secs
The Office (2005) - S02E18 Take Your Daughter to Work Day
he takes his great sharp scissors out