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Attend to something, but have a drink.
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Attend to something, but have a drink.
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2.5 secs
Flash Gordon (1980)
I have to attend to something.
3.1 secs
A Madea Christmas (2013)
- Y'all want something to drink? - I believe I'll have something.
1.5 secs
Suicide Squad (2016)
but I'm going to have a drink.
2.5 secs
Mortdecai (2015)
Are you not having a little something to drink?
2.5 secs
Mortdecai (2015)
Are you not having a little something to drink?
1.7 secs
Gotham (2014) - S03E11
I have a wedding to attend.
2.2 secs
Anomalisa (2015)
Please, I have a conference to attend.
2 secs
Veep (2012) - S05E10 Inauguration
but I'm afraid I have to go and attend to
2.4 secs
Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013) - S03E13 Crime
but I have some pressing police matters to attend to.
1.4 secs
Scary Movie 5 (2013)
But then he needs something to drink!
1.8 secs
The Sting (1973)
...maybe have a drink or something.
1.3 secs
Supernatural - S02E20
Let's go have a drink or something.
2.1 secs
Taken (2008)
Have a drink or something. Good night.
3.4 secs
Big (1988)
- Want something to drink? - Could I have a milk shake or something?
3.4 secs
Jerry Maguire (1996)
- Do you have something to drink? - Sure.
1.7 secs
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004)
Do you have something to drink?
1.8 secs
Legally Blonde (2001)
I have a murder trial to attend to.
5.3 secs
NewsRadio (1995) - S04E21 Romance
We have a lot of work to attend to. But first, these platform shoes are killing me.
2.5 secs
Veep (2012) - S03E09 Crate
Shall we halt there? I have a recital to attend.
2.9 secs
Fresh Off the Boat (2015) - S02E14 Michael Chang Fever
A flight attendant wouldn't have the eggs to do that.
3.5 secs
Elysium (2013) Drama
...I'm sure you have a fundraiser to attend.
3.3 secs
A Good Woman (2004)
Please, something to drink before I faint.
1.8 secs
Fawlty Towers (1975) - S01E01 A Touch of Class
when I have finished attending to this Gentleman.
1.4 secs
Failure to Launch (2006)
Wanna have a drink tonight?
3.6 secs
Se7en (1995)
Um, please have a seat, if you like. Would you like something to drink?
1.3 secs
Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life S01E01 Winter
- Care for something to drink, Pete? - Paul.
2.5 secs
Suicide Squad (2016)
But sit down and have a drink.